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September 18, 2012… it was just another day at work for Ken.  Part of a local family owned excavating business, Ken was taking a tree down when it lost its footing and fell on him, knocking him in the chest and throwing him 20 feet to the ground onto the asphalt.   He suffered a cracked skull, punctured lungs, fractured ribs, a broken pelvis, and a bruised heart.  He was on a ventilator for about three weeks and had a tracheotomy for months.  He is nothing short of a MIRACLE to be alive. Healed.  Whole.  You can hear the full story from him HERE.

I was honored and blessed as ever to be able to do a new family session for this most ridiculously adorable family!  I don’t know if I could’ve added more descriptive words to that last sentence.





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Whether you’re sad the kids are heading back to school soon, or skipping around the house singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”….the crazy schedule is about to begin.  We were lucky enough to get away for a week at “our” favorite little getaway in Ocean City, NJ with our besties.  It’s not actually ours but the amount of memories we’ve made there and familiarity of it all, certainly makes it feel like home.  To be able to share this trip with lifelong friends (who have a child who has already started at Penn State) it truly is life giving family time.

So if you will humor me, a little look into our 2015 Summer Vacation album….


Everyone needs a friend like Kelli.  She is my Kristen Wiig.


“Get off the phone, girls” said me….17,000 times.


will husk for food…


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Everyone’s favorite, right?  I understand!   Spotting a family of warthogs and giraffes on the daily was an adventure since every time we needed to go somewhere, it was a 40-minute ride to town.  This was NOT an African Trek through Disney’s animal kingdom.  It was as real and as authentic as you can get!


you think you have a termite problem?


we visited the big cats at a local farm….





and our final cultural stop at MPATAMACHA (say that three times fast!) where it was allllllll about the baby tigers [sigh]








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I had the very rare and exciting opportunity to go on missions to South Africa last month with my daughter.  I guess you could say it all started many years ago.  While my husband was on medical missions to Gabon, Africa, in 2010, my dear friend Jessica told me, “Noelle….I had a dream last night, and in that dream you went to Africa to photograph children in an orphanage.”  I laughed.  ”That’s a good one, because I’d never go there!”  Deep down within me was a lot of fear of the unknown.  I was perfectly content within the “safe” surroundings of NJ.  I had a good, comfortable little bubble going on.  I guess that dream planted a seed in my heart and took root because in January I found myself filling out an application to fly to Johannesburg…with a belligerent daughter begging to go.


Our mission?  To run a day camp for the local kids and share God’s love with them.   Weeks before the trip we were told by our group leader that we were going to be visiting…wait for it…an orphanage while we were there.  Really??  I guess my friend was a prophet. Once we arrived at the The Fold, I felt strongly that I was called there to photograph these children.  I had to.  To what capacity, I do not know…but I knew I had to photograph them…..not to capture their destitute but capture their beauty with dignity.  I’m not sure any had ever had their portrait taken but they loved inspecting the back of my camera.  The postal system in south Africa has been on strike for 4 months….but I will be sure these children each get a copy that they can hold in their hands.



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