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I love it.  I subscribe to Vogue and Vanity Fair and generally salivate on a monthly basis as I pour over the pages of Annie Leibovitz & Mario Testino’s latest work.  So naturally I was quite pleased to put together the picture portfolio for website!!!  Marcus Gilmore and asked me to shoot him in downtown Philadelphia to showcase the first collection of shirts and suits for Edge!

 Edgetailoring is the Cutting Edge of Professional Attire!




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Many, many years ago I worked with Leslie at Merrill Lynch.  I was newly married and at my first big-girl job.  I hated it.  Life got busy through the years (babies, photography)  but we recently got in touch again and I’ve discover she’s turned her dream into a reality.  She is a VERY gifted chocolatier….. and when I say VERY good I mean crazy-good!!!  Leslie’s Chocolate Covered Anything .  check…it….out!!!!

Her husband recently retired and she wanted some pictures of him in his uniform as well as a family session with her gorgeous, college-age children.


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Happy Summer!  Wanted to let you all know I have good news!  My pricing is now structured such that there are accommodations for both those that want portraits and digital files.  Please inquire here for details. Also, did you know about my “once a client, always a client” policy?  If you’ve had a previous session with me, your session fee is half off–always.  Hip-Hip…..:)

Love it or hate it, back to school time is right around the corner!  Schedules get booked fast–yours and mine.  It isn’t too early to book your fall session with me.

Earlier this month the girls and I took my mom to Wilmington, DE to Winterthur to check out the beautiful Downton Abby exhibit.  It was BEAUTIFUL and if you’re in the area I highly recommend doing the garden tour and seeing the costumes.  It’s there until January.


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